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This site has been updated on June 2020.

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Our Mission Reports Support Sponsors Events About Us

With the dedication of many volunteers and support of community groups and sponsors, Latispánica has grown and we are proud to have successfully raised funds for children in Latin America and Halifax.

Latispánica needs your support!  Become a member, sponsor our programs, donate, volunteer, attend events and help us enrich the lives of the community by the promotion of the Hispanic culture, the celebration of diversity and integration in Nova Scotia.

Latispánica Cultural Association - SUPPORT


When you join our Volunteer group your will helping in the promotion of the Hispanic culture, the celebration of diversity and integration in Nova Scotia.

Volunteer Application

We thank you for your interest in volunteering and supporting our community. Latispánica is always looking for dynamic volunteers to coordinate activities, leverage community support, contribute professional expertise, and plan events.

Please submit  your request, by answering the questions in the volunteer form.

Email us your information to info@latispanica.org

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Each dollar counts! Generous gifts from donors like you help Latispánica provide a series of services for children, youth and adults. Please send us your donation today!


Latispánica uses in-kind donations to reduce overall  costs of the day-to-day operations, and to improve the return on fund raising events and programs.  In-kind donations might include things like office supplies, paper products, refreshments and healthy snacks for programs, printing services, professional services, technology, prizes and incentives, and office/storage space.  Please contact us and we can set up a meeting to discuss your in-kind donation.

Examples of what your contribution will help us achieve

$100 will cover the costs of transportation to our community events

$250 will cover the rental place for a 10-hour dance workshop or dance rehearsal

$500 will help us purchase costumes for a community participation

Acknowledging your Generosity

Donations $100+ : online acknowledgement

Donations $500+ : above + an exclusive invitation to GALA Latina Event

*Latispánica Cultural Association is not a registered charitable organization and cannot provide tax receipts.

Please consider becoming annual donors to Latispánica in helping us achieve sustainability as an organization.

We look forward to continue the promotion of the Hispanic culture, the celebration of diversity and integration in Nova Scotia.

Payments methods:  Please contact us for more information.

View Contact Us


When you join our Membership program, you will be eligible to receive benefits that will allow you learn our culture and expose you to networks or opportunities of interest.


Latispánica membership offer individuals the opportunity to support and participate in the organization.

Memberships has not cost:

Participate in Latispánica Cultural Association events and activities and be the first to know about it.

Receive Latispánica's  E -NEWSLETTER and publications first.

Access to member information on the Latispánica Cultural Association
"Member only" group.

Vote as a member of Latispánica in the Annual General Meetings.

In time, become a Board Member.

Can has access to the Pre-sale for all events.

Latispánica is guided by a Board made up of members that follow a Governance Document. As a member you are entitle for copy of the GD and we encourage members to read it.

View Membership Form