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Our Mission Reports Support Sponsors Events About Us

Financial Statements

As a Non Profit Organization, Latispánica Cultural Association is committed to the highest level of accountability.  As long as Latispánica benefit directly or indirectly from public sector support, it is expected to demonstrate a high degree of accountability to their surrounding community. This community includes members, sponsors, beneficiaries, donors, government, municipality and other constituencies.

The Financial statements are meant to present the financial information of the Latispánica as clearly and concisely as possible for both the entity and for readers.

Our Financial Statements are prepare annually on a calendar cycle, and include: balance sheet, income statements and cash flows, as well as notes of financial statements.

Gala Latina Report

For Latispánica (NPO) being accountable; means demonstrating regularly that it uses its resources wisely and doesn't take advantage of its special privileges to pursue activities contrary to its non profit status.

Our report of the Gala is comparative with the previous year, showing only the variance  between the two years.

Actual numbers will be available after year end and financial statements are prepared.

Latispánica Cultural Association - REPORTS

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