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Our Mission Reports Support Sponsors Events About Us

Latispánica Cultural Association - OUR MISSION


Latispánica mission is the promotion of the Hispanic culture, the celebration of diversity and integration in Nova Scotia. Latispánica Cultural Association participates in many cultural events through the year, and supports cultural associations of Nova Scotia.

Latispánica organizes a yearly events which brings together the Hispanic community in an day of celebration and integration of the Hispanic culture.

In addition, Latispánica supports organizations that provide aid to children in communities who are abandoned or live in conditions of extreme difficulty in different Latin American countries and Halifax.


Latispánica is working towards of creating a Hispanic Cultural Centre which would be open to everyone and dedicated to the celebration of Spanish culture and language, and the strengthening of the Hispanic community in Halifax.

The Cultural Centre will offer a venue where Hispanic artists could have an opportunity to present their work; members of the community could have opportunities to be immersed in the Spanish culture and language, and children with Hispanic roots could have the chance to explore and develop their cultural identity.