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Latispánica Cultural Association - FAQs

Answers to most Common Questions that we get at

Latispánica Cultural Association

What does Latispánica Cultural Association® do?

Latispánica does the promotion of the Hispanic culture, the celebration of diversity and integration in Nova Scotia. Latispánica Cultural Association participates in many cultural events through the year, and supports cultural associations of Nova Scotia.  
Learn more about our mission and values here.

Does Latispánica Cultural Association® offer any classes?

No. Surprised? It's because Latispánica is in the process of building a virtual community where you can find any services in our community. We are looking forward to meet anyone interested in promoting the Hispanic and Latin American culture in Halifax. Please Contact Us! We are very excited to hear your ideas !!!

Is Latispánica Cultural Association® a government entity?

No. Latispánica is an independent, private, non-profit organization.

Is Latispánica Cultural Association® a religious-based organization?

No. Latispánica Cultural Association® is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, non-profit organization.

How is Latispánica Cultural Association® funded?

Latispánica Cultural Association® is a non-profit organization that is funded by a variety of sources. Grants, Sponsorships, Donations.
Learn more about how to support us here.

Where does Latispánica Cultural Association® work?

Latispánica Cultural Association® programs and events are in HALIFAX, Nova Scotia.

Does Latispánica Cultural Association® provide any kind of assistance?

Latispánica Cultural Association® does not provide any kind of assistance. If you are having any issues, please contact Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia Phone: 902-423-3607 or Toll free in Nova Scotia: 1-866-431-6472 or visit their website for more information.

Does Latispánica Cultural Association® advocate for legal rights issues?

Latispánica Cultural Association® does not advocate for legal rights, and does not provide advice on any legal matters related to court system. We recommend that you contact Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia for free, confidential telephone assistance, and the court system and visit their website for more information.

Is there a Latispánica Cultural Association® office near me?  

We are a membership-based organization and do not have local office yet. However, you can Contact us or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for news and events.

Have another question? Please Contact Us!

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